I Go to Seek a Great Perhaps 2.0

Photo by Egzon Bytyqi So this is my last blog post from Melbourne for 7 months… Yep – just letting that sink in. I’M OFF TO EXCHANGE! I have wanted to go on exchange ever since I started uni. I originally even wanted to do my entire undergraduate degree in America because in Year 10 I went through a phase where I was literally obsessed … Continue reading I Go to Seek a Great Perhaps 2.0

YouTubers for You-to-watch

Photo by Priscilla Du Preez Ha ha, wow Moy your title is so witty and funny!!!!! To be honest, I have to thank Nick Kyrgios for introducing me to the world of YouTube. Weird connection? Yeah, I agree. Back in the 2014 Australian Open when I was lowkey obsessed with Nick (I was young and naive), I religiously followed his Twitter account. One day, he … Continue reading YouTubers for You-to-watch

Things You Will Inevitably Experience If You Grew up Asian

I guess you could call me paradoxically Asian. In some ways, I am the embodiment of a stereotypical Asian, but other times, I’m surprisingly the whitest person in the room. I’ve had a discombobulated (what a word, by the way)  experience growing up Asian, but it’s made for some pretty funny stories and many disapproving looks from my mother. Continue reading Things You Will Inevitably Experience If You Grew up Asian

A little bit of TLC is what you need

Photo by Ales Krivec It makes me laugh looking at the sporadic range of blog posts that Liz and I do. You’ll have a very detailed account of Liz’s trip to the Blue Mountains, preceded by a quiz that determines what burger you are, to this post on an entirely unrelated matter – moyndfullness. Like Moy + mindfulness = Moyndfullness. I pretty much came up … Continue reading A little bit of TLC is what you need


Photo by Moy Today is arguably the second most important day on the calendar (after my birthday, obvs) – it’s National Burger Day. I don’t know which burger elitist coined the day, but he/she appeared to have forgotten to alert the Government because it’s not a public holiday yet??? In honour of this special day, One Fine Morning will put on its Buzzfeed-esque hat and … Continue reading Burg-alicious