Sober Girls Guide to Europe: Chapter 1, Vive la France !

Photo by John Towner So I’ve been back a few weeks now. Did I mention I went to Europe? Anyway, gotta please the fans so thought I better debrief properly from my trip. What better way to internally process my deeply soul-changing experiences than to write them down alongside terribly irrelevant gifs from various rom coms? Classic attention seeker.  Anyway for 14 days of my … Continue reading Sober Girls Guide to Europe: Chapter 1, Vive la France !

The People v OJ Simpson – a review

Photo by Tracy Thomas This review has been a long time coming – there have been multiple stages at which I’ve though ‘oh damn, gotta do a blog review about American Crime Story’ but I’ve actually held off until I finished the series to comment. And today, I watched episode 10 and therein closed the chapter in my OJ experience. I think ‘my OJ experience’ … Continue reading The People v OJ Simpson – a review

Are we interrupting evolution?

Photo by Jesse Orrico We humans are awfully curious creatures. We are constantly wanting to know more, push boundaries and explore the unknown. As a result, we have hurtled through the last few years due to a cool little partnership between ‘science’ and ‘technology’. These guys have been working pretty damn hard to bring you the latest and whizziest gadgets and theories and everything in … Continue reading Are we interrupting evolution?

A Hitchhiker’s Guide to Tinder

Photo by Clem Onojeghuo So in recent news, I started my 2nd year of uni, got my ears pierced and also got Tinder. Apart from the fact that these three are clearly a winning trifecta, arguably the latter event has been the most eventful (although finding out that apparently there was a petting zoo at your uni this week was pretty exciting). In all honesty, I’ve … Continue reading A Hitchhiker’s Guide to Tinder

An inequality among diversity issues

Photo by Annie Spratt HEY ONE FINE MORNING-ERS! Is that what you’re called now? Moy here. I apologise I haven’t been posting much, I feel like I have exhausted all possible excuses but I swear, this time I have a legitimate one. I’ve been writing for an internship! To actually prove it to you, here is my very first baby article!! An inequality among diversity issues We’ve … Continue reading An inequality among diversity issues