I Go to Seek a Great Perhaps 2.0

Photo by Egzon Bytyqi So this is my last blog post from Melbourne for 7 months… Yep – just letting that sink in. I’M OFF TO EXCHANGE! I have wanted to go on exchange ever since I started uni. I originally even wanted to do my entire undergraduate degree in America because in Year 10 I went through a phase where I was literally obsessed … Continue reading I Go to Seek a Great Perhaps 2.0

A little bit of TLC is what you need

Photo by Ales Krivec It makes me laugh looking at the sporadic range of blog posts that Liz and I do. You’ll have a very detailed account of Liz’s trip to the Blue Mountains, preceded by a quiz that determines what burger you are, to this post on an entirely unrelated matter – moyndfullness. Like Moy + mindfulness = Moyndfullness. I pretty much came up … Continue reading A little bit of TLC is what you need

Tired? Stress? You’ll feel (a little) better reading this!

Photo by Jordan Whitfield NB: this post is NOT sponsored by Swisse. I’m not Catriona Rowntree. Let’s be real – I am perpetually exhausted. I haven’t even had a chance to scratch myself in the past few weeks thanks to a culmination of working two jobs, uni, this blog, and everything else in between. The exhaustion has gotten to a point where I worked an … Continue reading Tired? Stress? You’ll feel (a little) better reading this!

Are we interrupting evolution?

Photo by Jesse Orrico We humans are awfully curious creatures. We are constantly wanting to know more, push boundaries and explore the unknown. As a result, we have hurtled through the last few years due to a cool little partnership between ‘science’ and ‘technology’. These guys have been working pretty damn hard to bring you the latest and whizziest gadgets and theories and everything in … Continue reading Are we interrupting evolution?

An inequality among diversity issues

Photo by Annie Spratt HEY ONE FINE MORNING-ERS! Is that what you’re called now? Moy here. I apologise I haven’t been posting much, I feel like I have exhausted all possible excuses but I swear, this time I have a legitimate one. I’ve been writing for an internship! To actually prove it to you, here is my very first baby article!! An inequality among diversity issues We’ve … Continue reading An inequality among diversity issues