The Ex Files

Photo by Samuel Zeller As much as I like to pretend my life is a beautiful movie it’s becoming less and less The Notebook and more and more The Breakup (quite frankly, until he builds me a house, it’s just not worth it.) I’ll be honest, I spent last Valentine’s Day at Vodafone, arguing with the manager about petty things like data usage. It was at that moment that … Continue reading The Ex Files

How To Get Over A Guy In Ten Days

Photo by Jaime Street You’ll not regret taking breakup advice from me. I have been in at least 1.5 mildly serious relationships and have just watched four five straight seasons of Sex and the City. I’m an expert in curing the achey breaky heart. Here are my expert tips on how to get over losing bae. 1. Cry You A River. This may in fact be … Continue reading How To Get Over A Guy In Ten Days