A Series of Embarrassing Events

Photo by Matthew Henry I’ve always been an awkward and clumsy gal. Whilst I have a variety of different abilities, functioning like a normal human being is just not one of them. I have somewhat given up on trying to act like a reasonable person in situations, and instead, decided to sacrifice myself for the meme. Below I have collated a few of my top most … Continue reading A Series of Embarrassing Events

Made in Melbourne

Today, I experienced a phenomelbourne. Yes that’s the word baby of phenomenon and Melbourne, because I think it’s the only world that accurately describes my morning. No I don’t think you should drop it in conversations unless you want to appear socially inept. But wordisms aside, when we think of Melbourne, I’m sure it conjures up different images for each of us. Hormonal weather and aesthetically pleasing/overpriced foods are … Continue reading Made in Melbourne


  Photo by William Iven Now, as school is getting towards the pointy end, studying has become quite full on, but sometimes I feel studying has become synonymous with procrastinating. I’ve recently done a post about procrastination, but hopefully now I’ve become one step further to conquering this beast….. I’ve deleted Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat. Yep. I’ll just let that sink in for a bit. … Continue reading Faceless

Expect the unexpectEd!

Photo by Ben White Today was our final assembly for Term 3, and yours truly (Liz and I) sung a welcome speech about ‘expecting the unexpected’. Words and lyrics were entirely by us, admittedly we borrowed the tune from Adele but I hope she doesn’t mind. It was something out of the ordinary, it was unexpected, and potentially got people a little confused and conflicted. … Continue reading Expect the unexpectEd!

You can call me Queen P

Photo by Eric Rothermel P for procrastination, incase you were wondering. Lord, taking on the International Baccalaureate over the past 2 years has made me an absolute queen of procrastination. This is quite evident by the fact that I’m writing this post because I’m putting off doing some music homework. Over my schooling years, I’d like to think I’ve quite perfected this art of procrastination. … Continue reading You can call me Queen P