I Go to Seek a Great Perhaps 2.0

Photo by Egzon Bytyqi

So this is my last blog post from Melbourne for 7 months…

Yep – just letting that sink in.

I’M OFF TO EXCHANGE! I have wanted to go on exchange ever since I started uni. I originally even wanted to do my entire undergraduate degree in America because in Year 10 I went through a phase where I was literally obsessed with the States (it may or may not have had something to do with an American TV sitcom obsession that was developing concurrently). However, I stayed in Melbz, and instead compromised with the thought of going on exchange. And to borrow the words of Miley, it’s time for a PARTY IN THE USA!!

giphy (1).gif
Will also try to sneak in a hoedown throwdown if I can – GIPHY.com

It’s almost beyond me that I won’t be back in my own bed for 7 months. Despite talking about my trip with so many people, I doubt the feeling will sink in until I’m actually over there. I’ll be studying at the University of Arizona, which the home of 8276 cacti and 40 degree heat. I will legitimately be in the middle of the desert, which is a far cry from the surburbia of Melbourne. I’ll be living the college life, and hoping that old mate Trump doesn’t deport me #catchmeifyoucanTrump. Legit though, I’ll be an Asian-Australian girl in the Arizonian desert – I may as well be an alien because I’ll be so exotic.

After the semester’s done, I’m flying to New York for Christmas, which is just going to be a galore of Michael Buble, Mariah Carey and the ugliest Christmas jumpers we can find. If that wasn’t extra enough, I’m flying to ICELAND for New Years – which is literally a dream come true. Visiting Iceland is so high up on my bucket list that I can’t even fathom the fact that I’m going. Apparently the Icelandic don’t hold back on their fireworks on New Years Eve!!!

From Iceland, I’m then travelling through my dream European countries – Denmark, Norway and Sweden, where in the latter I hope to start ABBA 2.0 and make fun of street names for sounding like IKEA furniture. It’s an ambitious trip. After that, I’m making my way across Europe where I fly home from Dublin after a 3-day drinking tour with the Irish which I don’t think I’ll be able to mentally or physically recover from. Safe to say that flight home will be manky AF.

Literally me on the flight home – GIPHY.com

When I was planning this trip, it was almost too good to be true. All these places I’m travelling to are absolute dream destinations that I’ve never been to before, and have always wanted to visit. But as my days remaining at home have been rapidly ticking down, I’ve gone through phases of excitement, nerves, anxiousness, stress, and back to excitement. I think the longevity of my trip is what freaks me out the most – 7 flipping months! But, I think back to when I started planning exchange and was so excited for the challenges and the growing up that’ll happen while I’m away. Heck, I’ll become so independent that I finally may even be able to cook for myself!!!

I remember my first semester of uni and how meeting new people and adapting to the new environment forced me to learn so much about myself, and how grateful I was for that experience. Although I’ll miss my shower and my Mum’s cooking, this trip will feel like that and x10 more.

Keep following the adventures here – I’ll be trying to post as much as I can (and potentially even some different content), so stay tuned, and will check in with you from somewhere in ‘Merica!!!!!!!

For now, I’ll just be waiting for the taxi man to turn the radio on and for a Jay Z song to come on –

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