YouTubers for You-to-watch

Photo by Priscilla Du Preez

Ha ha, wow Moy your title is so witty and funny!!!!!

To be honest, I have to thank Nick Kyrgios for introducing me to the world of YouTube. Weird connection? Yeah, I agree.

Back in the 2014 Australian Open when I was lowkey obsessed with Nick (I was young and naive), I religiously followed his Twitter account. One day, he tweeted Shani Grimmond and of course I was jealous that he was talking to another girl that wasn’t me? A quick Twitter stalk of this ‘Shani’ girl revealed that she was this cute, funny girl that made YouTube videos! Soon after that, my obsession with Nick turned into an obsession with Shani, and from there on I have been hooked onto watching YouTube videos.

There’s something so enticing about watching a quick YouTube video as a guilty pleasure, maybe it’s because my attention span isn’t long enough to watch an entire movie, and sometimes I have commitment issues to starting a new TV series, so YouTube videos are a perfect middle. Here are my favourite YouTubers to watch:

1 – Zoella

Probably the Queen of YouTube, I even conducted an entire research study on Zoella’s YouTube videos for one of my media subjects at uni. She is a pocket sized, adorable, British bundle of fun and even though her vlogs can go up to 40 minutes long, I love watching her. I skip the makeup videos entirely because there’s only so much Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette I can take, and watch her vlogging channel. I don’t know why, but there is something inherently interesting about watching someone do their grocery shopping and walk their dog. Zoella is so likable and bubbly, and probably appears like an older sister to many. She’s a breath of fresh air, and so fun to watch. Her British accent is also so cute, and I have been known to take it on when intoxicated. Hey, imitation is the best form of flattery isn’t it??

She’s recently bought a house with her YouTuber boyfriend @Pointlessblogvlogs and it is the MOST aesthetically pleasing thing I have ever seen – their dining room table has a neon sign and she has a pink fridge in a specially designated ‘meeting’ room. Enough said.

This is an old school video, but probably one of my favourites:

2 – Sammy Robinson

If there ever was a quintessential Aussie girl, it’ll be Sammy Robinson. Tall, tanned, blonde, from a pretentious Sydney suburb, and was most well known for being a Gigi Hadid lookalike. And not to mention, only just turned 21?! I started watching her when she first began YouTubing, and just did makeup videos, but I was hanging out for her vlogs just so I could see how people like her lived. Now, her vlogs have taken over and she mostly films her going about getting her nails done in her huge Jeep whilst wearing her Givenchy slides.

However, I like her because she seems super down to earth, and just the girl next door. Whilst the exterior screams ‘WHITE GIRL FROM SYDNEY’, she’s really quite relatable.

A classic Sammy video –

3 – Cartia Mallan

This girl is a wild one. Some days I super enjoy her videos, and other days, she can be too much. Very confident, super into spirituality and empowerment, but I enjoy her because she is so ballsy and bold and she’s younger than me!! Also from Australia, but hailing from Brisbane, Cartia is now in Sydney and kicking goals as she lives solo and is x10 more independent than I am. She seems fairly intense and unapologetic, but I enjoy the brassiness and her editing skills make me feel like I’m tripping on LCD.

4 – Sarah’s Day

This one is a bit of a change in pace, but Sarah is hands down my FAVOURITE (and only) fitness YouTuber that I watch. She is vivacious, full of energy and so much fun! Girl is RIPPED and you could seriously cut cheese on her abs. She films so many helpful videos on health and fitness, and has an amazing holistic attitude to exercise. Personally, the world of fitness was a bit daunting to begin with, but Sarah is so bubbly and interesting to watch and provides such great advice! She also couldn’t give two shits about what people think of her, and that kind of confidence is what I aspire to have. She’s also incredibly open and raw, and if you watch her old videos, she has even included footage of her bawling her eyes out in the car as she cried about her ex-boyfriend.

She also shows herself cooking tasty, healthy foods and she has inspired me to try some recipes! To everyone’s surprise, they were actually successful cooks which is really saying something, as I even burn 3 ingredient pancakes.


Honorable mention: Shani Grimmond

I did originally get into YouTube because of her, but I don’t watch her as regularly as I used to. However, I do have to give her some credit because I watched many of her YouTube videos, and thanks to her I learnt what ‘contouring’ and ‘highlighting’ was. Previously, I was terrified of bronzer because I had no clue what it was,  and now I’m reasonably ok at doing my own makeup so I have Shani to thank for that!

I think I enjoy YouTube because you get invited into these people’s lives. Especially with the above YouTubers, I’ve been watching them for a while now, and have intently stalked all their videos so you really feel like you’ve grown up with them. Perfect for when you can’t be bothered socialising and interacting with your own friends, you can rent your own friends for a few hours online, for free, and from the comfort of your own bed.

Yes, I am aware of how creepy that sounded.

Happy watching!!

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