I Go to Seek a Great Perhaps 2.0

Photo by Egzon Bytyqi So this is my last blog post from Melbourne for 7 months… Yep – just letting that sink in. I’M OFF TO EXCHANGE! I have wanted to go on exchange ever since I started uni. I originally even wanted to do my entire undergraduate degree in America because in Year 10 I went through a phase where I was literally obsessed … Continue reading I Go to Seek a Great Perhaps 2.0

YouTubers for You-to-watch

Photo by Priscilla Du Preez Ha ha, wow Moy your title is so witty and funny!!!!! To be honest, I have to thank Nick Kyrgios for introducing me to the world of YouTube. Weird connection? Yeah, I agree. Back in the 2014 Australian Open when I was lowkey obsessed with Nick (I was young and naive), I religiously followed his Twitter account. One day, he … Continue reading YouTubers for You-to-watch