Tired? Stress? You’ll feel (a little) better reading this!

Photo by Jordan Whitfield

NB: this post is NOT sponsored by Swisse. I’m not Catriona Rowntree.

Let’s be real – I am perpetually exhausted. I haven’t even had a chance to scratch myself in the past few weeks thanks to a culmination of working two jobs, uni, this blog, and everything else in between. The exhaustion has gotten to a point where I worked an 8 hour shift off 0 hours sleep, had an hour nap before going to Liz’s 21st where I did a (cracker) speech. And then two nights later, I had another sleepless night where I flipped around in bed until 4am. How good is being a self-diagnosed, semi-insomniac!!!!!!! I no longer have bags under my eyes, but bloody suitcases under my eyes.

giphy-downsized (7).gif
Actual footage of me – GIPHY.com

Despite of this, there is no one to blame except for me. I resigned from my job to lessen the work load, only to end up with two new jobs. Liz and I decided to dive headfirst into this blog, and I thought balancing three law units at uni was a good idea. I’m also really enjoying making harassing phone calls to American housing communities and US embassies to make sure old mate Trump doesn’t deport me when I go there to study next semester. Am I even whinging?

Whinge binge aside, I also kind of love being balls-deep in work. I was listening to a podcast with James Corden, where he said something that really resonated with me:

“Being tired is not a good enough excuse to say no.”

Like yes, you’ll be pushing yourself and testing your boundaries, but simply being ‘tired’ doesn’t really justify missing out on opportunities. Not that I really believe in New Years resolutions that much, but last year I didn’t do a lot of things purely because I thought it’ll be ‘too much’. And looking back, I decided to stop being a pathetic little weakling who coasted through life, and bailed when things got too stressful. So this year, I resolved to challenge myself more. I was thinking too much of how tired I would be, and that thought scared me. Now, I just do and don’t think. Probably not the best mantra for life, but it’s been applicable so far. I am now so tired that I’ve given myself insomnia!! Ha ha!

giphy-downsized (8).gif
Can confirm this is true – GIPHY.com

Ok, so probably don’t do that because that was a terrible time for everyone, but do push yourself. I love being so busy. It gives me justification for calling myself ‘ambitious’ without sounding like a complete and total wanker. I love waking up with a purpose and a hideously long to-do list written in my diary. I’m so happy that I can channel my inner Meryl Streep in Devil Wears Prada sassy boss bitch attitude as I go about my day to day activities, and I’ve actually accomplished so much more than I thought I would.

Me as I enter into uni (also sidenote: what a good movie, I really want to watch it again – haha who I am kidding I don’t have time for it) – GIPHY.com

Even though anyone who has come within a 10 metre radius of me has heard me complaining of how exhausted I am, please know that deep down I’m actually lowkey loving it, and wouldn’t really have it any other way.

In farewell, do as Salt-n-Pepa say, ‘push it real good’!!!!!!!!!!


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