Our Mate Donald

Photo by Roya Ann Miller

President Trump is one of a kind. I do somewhat admire his confidence. I mean, not everyone can pull off that amount of bondi sands. Of course, there’s been controversy. Being president always brings a lot of criticism. I mean look at Obama, he was the first African born leader of the greatest country in the world, but still not everyone loved him.

Anyway I think it’s time we showed Donald a bit of love.

So, like I’ve done for past world leaders before him, I’ve written him a poem.

This one’s for you Donald:


Donald, I’ll be honest,

I didn’t think you’d pull it off, 

But now it seems you’re a reality,

Just like the return of whooping cough.

Despite your four bankruptcies,

I’m confident you’re a great businessman,

 What better way to save the economy,

Than spending money on a wall for Mexicans.

You sort of remind me of Voldemort,

And not in a flattering way,

Because you think climate change is a joke,

And that Hell is reserved for gays. 

Your policies, although controversial,

Are gold – without a doubt,

 We’ll just keep all the pussy-grabbers in

And kick all the Muslims out.

 I’ll play by your rules,

And not talk about abortion,

 As long as you promise to continue,

Making healthcare cost a fortune.

Mr. President, You’re a racist, a homophobe,

A misogynist to the end,

Thank God we’ve got you, Donald,

To make America great again. ©

How’s that for fake news? – GIPHY.com

Thanks for everything Donald,


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