Someone Like Adele

Photo by Liz

*For goodness sake it’s pretty obvious this is about the concert, if you’re going and want every single detail of it to be a surprise don’t read it. But spoilers; Adele sings. A lot.*

On Saturday, as I’m sure many of you are aware I had a soul-changing moment.

I witnessed her in the flesh. I don’t mean to be blasphemous, but I sort of felt like one of the three wise men who had been travelling for ages and finally set eyes on baby Jesus. The awe. The wonder. The majesty.

as retrieved from:
Actual image of me last night. –

Adele was beyond anything I could have ever imagined. I knew my life would never be the same. Kind of like how my ear drums will never be the same after sitting next to my tone-deaf father for two hours while he sang along. To everything.

We arrived at the Gabba approximately two hours before because apparently the Brisbane Transport people had a bit of a melt-down and panicked that something exciting and cultural was finally happening at the Gabba that wasn’t cricket, and they thought we’d all need three hours to take a bus four stops down the road.

Brisbane’s transport system is about as dodgy as its water quality. –

For the two hours we stared at a large screen with Adele’s signature eyes on them and to be honest it all felt a little Gatsby to me and I half expected Adele to come out in a yellow dress and sing Florence and the Machine songs.

Hello, it’s Dr. T. J. Eckleburg. –

After a decent ten minutes of trying to work out if Adele had just been wheeled in a big black box onto the stage like some kind of Woody Harrelson modern magician movie, as predicted, the eyes opened.


I actually struggle to put into words how incredible she sounds. I mean sure, it’s sort of like the cd, except 4.5867 times louder. But she’s actually unreal.

My parents and I had a bet on whether she would swear like a sailor as per usual, or tone it down for the kids. I thought she’d swear. And she fucking swore.

I’d be swearing too if I had to perform in that heat. –

She was sort of dressed like she was going to the Oscars, which was beautiful and everything except for the fact that it was 30 degrees and high humidity. Also I’m pretty sure that just wearing a shirt would be considered overdressed by most Brisbane bogans residents.

I love this 360°  thing. It’s really working for her.  I might consider it. Surround-sound Adele and surround-sound Lizzie. Fantastic. Maybe a 360° wedding. Oh wow. Yep that’s it. That’s the future.

Of course she talked at a million miles an hour and chucked in a few signature Adele cackles. I think that’s my favourite thing about Adele. She dresses like Glinda the Good Witch but laughs like the Wicked Witch of the West. In a charming sort of way.

Adele probably did come from a bloody bubble, she’s that good. –

She did utilise props a lot. Thousands of massive balloons/balls in the air. Adele was fantastic. The balls were even more fantastic. Don’t quote me on that.

Oh gosh and then she came out in the fantastic velour tracksuit that sort of looked like something out of Mean Girls but she looked low-key amazing. Like she’s a mum and a superstar and she’s just so incredible it makes me want to cry.

I want Adele to be my third mum. –

I’m not going to say any more because I am conscious that she has a number of shows still in Australia that I wouldn’t want to ruin for my four three other friends attending.

But in conclusion.

Adele is a Goddess.

She did make my dreams come true. –

She is a Goddess because despite what my boyfriend says she has the best voice in the world.

She is a Goddess to every woman who has tried to nail winged eyeliner.

And more-so, she is a Goddess to every girl who’s ever had their heart broken by a shitty guy who doesn’t think she’s good enough.

Thank you Adele. For this concert and for closure.


as retrieved from:
Such Adele-ation. –

I have no more words.


ps. Dad came up with Adele-ation, I’m just gonna claim it.



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