Saved By The Adele

I would just like a minute (or eight depending on your reading speed/how long you choose to laugh at each of the gifs for) to talk about Adele.

as retrieved from:
she has been called the songbird of her generation. –

So she’s coming down under, which is amazing because I feel like the Universe owes us after basically everything else that happened this year.

So my family and I decided that for as a Christmas present we would get tickets (we were really gonna go regardless because it’s Adele, but what better excuse than to spend money other than Christmas).

I was the designated ticket buyer (and by buyer I mean person who selects the seats and types in the parents credit card details).

Moy had gone before me (bloody daylight savings) and told me to “get my head in the game.” To be honest, however relevant her advice might have been at this poignant moment I really felt like she just wanted another excuse to have a high school musical related meltdown à la 2014.

“This legit happened to me – I am on the phone to one friend, I have another phone calling Ticketmaster, I am fighting the urge to refresh my screen as it searches for tickets and right then my neighbour comes barging in through the door with a Chinese Bible in an attempt to convert your mum to Christianity. Also she brought flowers”

-Actual quote from Moy about her ticket experience.

This was my experience:

9.30 am

I stop watching Don’t Tell The Bride to focus my attention on logging in to the ticket site. It’s a great show; it took a lot for me to turn away. Anything for Adele.

Saving the first kiss till marriage is always a good idea. –


I have three devices on the ticket page watching the countdown go. I have run through all possible scenarios with my family (If I can only get two tickets do I still get them, what if we’re seated separately should I still buy, do we need the overprices ticket insurance just in case she pulls a Sammy smith and gets nodes?) The answer to all of these is of course yes.

Fact: Multitasking prevents nodes. –


It’s actually occurring to me that I might not be able to get tickets. They might sell out. I might not be able to spend the night going to my favourite Italian restaurant Gino’s for Fettuccine Carbonara sans bacon before crying my eyes out screaming the lyrics to “Someone like you” whilst I snapchat my ex.




My heart has not beat this fast since my boyfriend agreed to come to Ikea with me these summer holidays. Maybe I’m in love with Adele too.. Maybe she’ll want to come to Ikea…Maybe I’ll give up vegetarianism and this time next year be sitting in Ikea eating my bodyweight in meatballs with Adele.

as retrieved from:
Who would have known how bittersweet this would taste? –

9.59 am

I need to keep my head in the game.



I’ll be honest, I lost my cool there for a bit.

The rest was a blur.

But I did it. I got tickets. I am going to Adele.

It’s a Christmas miracle. –

See you in March you majestic songstress,


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