An inequality among diversity issues

Photo by Annie Spratt HEY ONE FINE MORNING-ERS! Is that what you’re called now? Moy here. I apologise I haven’t been posting much, I feel like I have exhausted all possible excuses but I swear, this time I have a legitimate one. I’ve been writing for an internship! To actually prove it to you, here is my very first baby article!! An inequality among diversity issues We’ve … Continue reading An inequality among diversity issues

Here’s looking at you, Grandma

Photo by Tiago Muraro For as long as I know, I’ve been a hypochondriac. When I was four I was convinced I needed to get my appendix out. Given, this may have been because I thought I was the Australian version of French schoolgirl Madeline, but still. When I was six, I had a weird germ phobia which involved me being terrified of sharing pencils, … Continue reading Here’s looking at you, Grandma

The Ex Files

Photo by Samuel Zeller As much as I like to pretend my life is a beautiful movie it’s becoming less and less The Notebook and more and more The Breakup (quite frankly, until he builds me a house, it’s just not worth it.) I’ll be honest, I spent last Valentine’s Day at Vodafone, arguing with the manager about petty things like data usage. It was at that moment that … Continue reading The Ex Files