12 Reasons You Still Call Australia Home

Photo by Frances Gunn

Ahh yes, Straya Day. The one day when we all sit around pretending to listen to Triple J’s Hottest 100 and admiring our beautiful country (whilst quietly ignoring the fact that it’s not even our country and that we are still celebrating a day where the British invaded indigenous land, and quite frankly; that’s bullshit.)

Anyway, in our very own countdown, here’s 12 things that prove how proud you are to be a fair-dinkum bogan aussie in this nation. #foath

1. This song is your ringtone. What a tune and a half.


2. You think it’s perfectly acceptable to invite your mates around for a Golden Gaytime.

3. Your Chinese grandparents literally tried to name you after the country. (I kid you not Australia-Beijing could have been my name.)

4. When you answer the phone you say ‘hello’ like you’re Frank Walker from National Tiles.

5. Hanging out for the TV in the hotel on family holidays because that was the only time you could enjoy The Suite Life since your parents couldn’t afford Foxtel.

6. When the pavement is so hot you have to wear your empty slurpee cups on your feet as shoes.

7. Everything you know about relationships was learned from Rhonda and Katut. #couplegoals

8. Having to tell your mum your Bendigo Bank account is empty again because you overpaid on shipping from Urban Outfitters/Topshop/Sephora/Forever 21.

9. It isn’t a party until this banger comes on:


10. When you can chat to your mates for hours only using the words “yeah” and “nah”.

11. The political situation is so unstable there is a legitimate chance that Osher could be your next prime minister.

12. When you choose not to carpool because you’ve already got a lift home with Hamish and Andy.

All of these things make up our great nation. Whilst we shouldn’t be celebrating a day of invasion, we still have many things to be thankful for down under. Like old mate Nollsy.

Enjoy your lamb,

-Liz and Moy

Ps. just something to think about…


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