An Emotional and Intimate Night with Sam Smith

Photo by Claus Grünstäudl

And of course by intimate we mean a live arena spectacular involving thousands of other people.

It happened. IT FINALLY HAPPENED. We saw Sam Smith. The reason why this is so momentous is because seeing him this time was a bittersweet story worthy of Shakespeare. Last year, we purchased tickets to his show in April. You might even remember us posting about it, being the young and naive souls we were. Alas, tragedy struck as the man himself, Sam, cancelled his show due to illness. #nodes #prayforsam #prayforlizandmoy Liz had even bought a plane ticket to fly back to Melbourne for it. Safe to say we were needing some life support.

Actual vid of Sam Smith earlier this year. –

But we moved on, after devouring our feelings in Indian food and we got tickets to his next show where we were not the only ones that were very excited to be going. We were so excited to be bringing the 3rd member of our family who loved Sam Smith as much as we did. Cue ethnic jesus.

Left to right: Liz, Moy, ethnic jesus

So the day finally arrived. Excitement was peaking. Moy was so excited she could barely walk in a straight line, although in truth this was probably a result of her wearing the most obnoxiously high pair of Jeffrey Campbell’s.

Of course we elected to be cultured and get Mexican food beforehand. It was rather delicious despite Moy’s quesadilla taking approximately three hours to cook and the menu claiming to serve a deconstructed salad (aren’t all salads deconstructed?).
Waiter: Was the food good?
Moy: It was very nice….once it came out. *resting bitch face*

Said Mexican food. It really was quite tasty. Ole!

Of course we had to get snacks. However, like most things in our lives, this seemed like a good idea at the time but ended tragically as we bought one of every chocolate bar imaginable, as well as a 12 pack of chocolate cookies, caramel popcorn so it feels like the movies, and of course the number one snack recommended by our love child ethnic jesus: pikelets. Never in my life have I felt more judged than I did telling Carol the salty checkout lady at Coles that I wouldn’t be needing a carry bag as I was planning on eating it all at once. #anythingcanhappentuesdays


And as if that wasn’t diabetes enough, we crossed the road to the one and only Gelato Messina temple of life for some Robert Brownie Jr. Legitimately though,  the flavour was actually called Robert Brownie Jr. That will never not be funny. #sugarfree

Two wild beasts in the African jungle. Oh wait, that’s just us at Messina.

There’s no denying it, Sam is an incredible, incredible performer. He has such a stage presence and the ability to totally capture the audience. One moment we were up dancing and singing like we were Sam himself, and the next we were sitting down, with a silent hush falling all over the arena. You know a concert is good when people don’t even want to sing because they just want to hear his voice. There was definitely a song (or five) where we all sat there, doing an awkward 3-way hand hold and crying. It was just so beautiful. Absolute eargasms from the get go. His set list was the perfect mix of crying about your ex (Lay Me Down) and Liz’s wedding soundtrack (his emotional cover of Elvis’ Can’t Help Falling In Love). Cue emotional eating of pikelets.

us for most of the night. –

He made every audience member feel so loved and valued due to his raw honesty. I don’t even care if he said the same thing to every other audience he played to (yes Vancouver, I’m talking to you as I watched your entire concert back this morning), because it felt like he was telling us his story. It is such a brave thing to stand there, and share your deep and personal stories with thousands of strangers. Heck, I even struggle opening up to my friends some time. So I’m in absolute awe of his bravery and strength. His album was perfect enough, but him talking to us about his emotional journey was an icing on the sam shaped cake that is better than Ice Magic and we all know how good Ice Magic is. AND HE SAID WE WERE HIS FAVOURITE AUDIENCE. YEAH.

A super HD quality picture of Sam

P.S. Sam, if you’re reading this, contrary to Drake it is NOT too late to ask us to be your backup singers. You had 2 ladies and 1 male…..and we have 2 ladies and 1 male more than willing to volunteer as tribute.

-Liz + Moy (+ ethnic jesus)

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