I Go To Seek A Great Perhaps

Photo by rawpixel.com

It’s adventure time. Today I moved to a new city to ‘study’. This is beyond exciting because of new people, new house, but most importantly new places to eat food. Keen as mustard I am. To be honest I’m not sure if the excitement I am feeling is actually genuine excitement for the move or rather a petty yearning for my life to be a little like a John Green novel in which I am some super hot mysterious girl who just travels places and does mysterious things.

Here, I will list the benefits of the move just to try and convince myself of my own excitement:

1. Puppy. Now I am moved in, I get to spend every minute of the day with the love of my life, my dog charlie. He is an oodle of some description (you can never quite be sure..) and is 98% fur and fun.

2. Pool. Imagine the Playboy Mansion. Now forget that and imagine a significantly smaller house that is only similar because it also has a pool. This is where I’m living. Living in what’s known as the sunshine state a pool will come in super handy not only to beat the summer heat but mainly to reenact scenes from The Little Mermaid.

3. New Room. Redecorating would have to be my number one hobby besides eating hot chips and performing one-woman musicals in my bedroom late at night. Also it means more trips to Ikea. I obviously do not need to emphasise any more how great Ikea is.

4. Reality TV My new house has pay tv. Therefore, I now have access to the world’s greatest selection of the trashiest shows ever to exist. Until now I didn’t think I needed to hear about people’s Tattoo Nightmares and how they could be resolved by overly inked american ‘artists’. Nor did I think I needed to watch 3 hours of back to back footage involving arrogant women trying on expensive wedding dresses and only just managing to suck in their tummy fat, whilst still allowing them have to have the breasts of  a Norwegian stripper. But now, my eyes have been opened and I realise I most definitely do need all of these things in my life.

Thus far these are the things I am most excited about. Not to mention the exploration of great new places I never new existed that will be sure to boost my instagram so I look like I live a much more awesome life than I really do.


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