2014 – A Year In Review

Photo by Brooke Lark

2015 has begun and it’s looking to be even better than the last year (this judgement may be slightly swayed by the fact that am running off three days of eating only MnM’s, but that is besides the point). We thought it would be cute and fitting to take a look back at our own 2014 – the year that was. So here are our personal highlights.

January -The Month Where It All Began


Truth be told, although we were ‘friends’ because of a close bond we shared as Year 8 Level Leaders back in the day,at the start of 2014 Moy and I were *gasp* not the inseparable chums we are now. However we knew the year was headed for new and exciting things. Maybe it was our fifth sense. Or maybe a strong urge to recreate this very scene from High School Musical. But 2014 saw the dawn of what would become a beautiful – and at times very disturbing and questionable – friendship.

February – The Month Love Actually Was All Around


Our high school leadership team slowly became notorious for making a big deal out of nothing and Valentines Day was no exception. To say we spent the entire night before at school cutting out confetti hearts and plastering the walls with rom-com posters featuring our teachers would definitely not be a lie. Safe to say covering the main staircase with lyrics from the most romantic Celine Dion songs earned us some serious respect amongst the school – despite both remaining dateless.  *tear*

March – The Month With The Streetcar


Truth be told, March was not that eventful for us, however, we did channel our inner Marlon Brando and put on a 5 minute condensed Tony award winning production of A Streetcar Named Desire. Liz played the one and only Miss Blanche ‘I’m not an alcoholic’ Dubois and got rather drunk with an empty bottle of wine (at school) #mumbookedforbali. Moy played the role of her namesake, Eunice, and dazzled the audience with her 4 lines.For all of you who I’m sure were wondering how we portrayed that infamous rape scene, there were many intimidating looks shared between our Stanley and Blanche, and not a lot of anything else.

April – The Month Liz Was An Adult


April got off to a cracking start as Liz was officially presented to society as an adult woman. She celebrated her birthday by of course, getting absolutely smashed (she claimed she only had 2 alcoholz). In all seriousness, what was supposed to be an intimate gathering of friends eventually turned into a cross between the world’s largest replica of Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory and Jay Gatsby’s party. To say the party planners got a wee bit carried away is a bit of an understatement. April was also the month we were reunited with the love of our lives, John Clayton Mayer. His concert was a mixture of him talking shit at us (we suspect he might have been on a bit of the old ‘juana) and seducing us with his soft whispers #neon. Although he teased us many times, he actually never sung his lego block hit wonder, Your Body is a Wonderland. However, just for future reference John, we still think your body is a wonderland. Clearly inspired by our boy John, April also marked the month where Liz and Moy was truly born, as we exercised our talents as musicians and wrote our first hit single, entitled ‘IB, IB’. Very creative, we know.

May – The Month With Gatsby, Jay Gatsby


We were honoured to be invited to Mr Jay Gatsby’s mansion (our school hall) where a little party never killed nobody. We were lucky enough to perform an outstanding choral of rendition of Bing Crosby’s ‘Pennies from Heaven’ which may or may not have involved malfunctioning umbrellas. Broadway, here we come. #wearegleeclub

We also became the world’s greatest party planners as we planned a Hump Day celebration to mark halfway through our final year of school. Just picture; 100 eighteen year olds playing a life sized game of Twister. One word: messy.

June – The Month With All The Fame


Liz became the cover photo girl for our school’s Facebook page. Next stop, Australia’s Next Top Model, 2015. She also featured in our school’s promotion video playing the one and only Mao ZeDong. However, unfortunately, she didn’t make the final cut as her performance was deemed too ‘racially insensitive’ for the wider audience.

July – The Month That Was Formal


As we are both budding journalists, we attended local university journalism day, in which we experienced the full effect of cocaine on university lecturers. No kidding, one professor got rather abusive when we couldn’t tell the difference between pink, and the colour that is apparently ‘magenta’. You don’t know pain until you have an overexcited university student who has voluntarily taken a day off their holidays to sell their uni to you. Also, keep your eyes out for our mock interview featuring everyone’s favourite questions, such as ‘who is your favourite communist leader?’ and ‘have you had a run in with the law recently?’ #lizzieisafugitive. Now to the formalities which took place in July. Makeup and massages, don’t know what a corsage is! We dressed to the nines and put on our highest heels and put on some makeup with a spatula. Despite our amazing turn of the century playlist, none of our hottest hits made the dancefloor that night, instead we were treated to tacky renditions of flippin YMCA and the Nutbush all night long.

August – The Month Where School Took Over


We were inundated with assignments, essays, orals, recitals, the whole damn lot. Safe to say, it was a busy month, so busy that Liz couldn’t handle it and took a hiatus to Queensland, taking Moya’s uterus with her. However, it was also a month of great achievements, Moy completed 20 minute violin recital in high heels without tripping over, and Liz was legally authorised to drive her own Grease Lightning.

September – The Month Where Moy Was No Longer A Fifth-Grader

From left to right: Gordo, Lizzie and asian Miranda
From left to right: Gordo, Lizzie and asian Miranda

“And unto them, a blog was born.” – actual quote from the Bible. We abandoned all hopes of an education and became full time bloggers/procrastinators. Cheers for the early support, that means you Argentina (yes, we saw your 1 view, much appreciated random internet person). Although Moy nearly became legal by turning 17 and celebrated with an oh so hipster brunch, September truly peaked when we met Hillary Duff. Oh Duffers, you were what our dreams are made of.

October – The Month Of Tears


October marked the end of school for us, as we bid farewell to 8:30 bell times and ridiculously small lockers, and 14 years of education. There were many goodbyes, many costumes and many cake. We had our official graduation, where Liz was honoured for dedication to mathematics, as well as her dedication to the school and wider community, whereas Moy was honoured for her commitment to pretty much everything else. For copies of her resume, click here. For our final bow at school, we dressed to the theme of Famous Figures, where Liz became the bearer of Jesus, Mother Mary, and Moy was the living embodiment of everyone’s favourite Spanish fugitive, Dora the Explorer.

November -The Month With All The Diplomas


After a strenuous 26 exams between the 2 of us, we were finally free. Never again did we have to don the school uniform, wear a blazer on a 29 degree Celsius day, or carry a bag full of 83 folders and psychology textbooks. It was a bittersweet farewell, however, we continue to beat on…..to our own end-of-school celebrations; Uganda and Queensland respectively.

December – The Month We Returned


Just like Ron Weasley in the 7th Harry Potter book, we stayed loyal to our friends, and made a great comeback to our baby, onefinemorningblog.com. Oh yeah and there might have been that event…Christmas? And then we got ready to celebrate the new year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2014 was an amazing year, cleary as we’re doing our year in review in 2015, we’re not quite ready to let go of 2014 yet, but we’re hoping this year will be ‘kind of a big deal’.

-Liz and Moy

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