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Let’s talk about Hozier. If you’re reading this and going ‘who?’ – first, have you been living under a rock?! and secondly, here’s the 911 (as I like to call it) about Hozier:

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He’s an Irish singer songwriter who has shot to fame in the past year, famous for his soulful and powerful crooning, most notably for hitting that heart wrenching ‘AMEN’ in his powerful song, ‘Take Me to Church’.

To be honest, I was perfectly content living in my lil Sammy Smith bubble of music, until I saw that iTunes had ‘Take Me to Church’ for free on their charts, so being the stingy Asian that I am, I thought I’d check out this free song. And take note iTunes, I actually WANTED to download this song this time, I haven’t forgotten the time you made me think some paranormal activity was going on because I WOKE UP ONE MORNING AND THE U2 ALBUM WAS SITTING THERE ALL DANDY IN MY ITUNES.

Anywho, I’ve digressed. Back to my story. After listening to Take Me to Church I decided that Hozier’s voice gave me satisfaction equivalent to spreading smooth peanut butter on toast (aka a lot of satisfaction), I bought his self titled album ‘Hozier’ released in October.

This album is amazing. It changes between emotionally charged ballads of ‘In a Week’ to rockier and more upbeat tunes of ‘Jackie and Wilson’. He’s such an upcoming artist, get on him before the radio seizes him because he’s definitely one to watch – he even performed at the skinny bitches in 67 million dollar bras show Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show last weekend!

Look – I’m even doing you a favour by posting the YouTube links for my fav Hozier songs so you can listen to them right here right now, no excuses!

Take Me to Church:

From Eden:

Jackie and Wilson:

Someone New:

Really I could go and post the entire album here, so do yourself a favour and get the album and have a sing along with your friends – honestly, there is something so soul cleansing about singing ‘AMEN’ at the top of your lungs with your pals!


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