Since I’ve Been Gone

Photo by Eli Defaria

In a sloppy attempt to pay homage to everyone’s favourite girl group Destiny’s Child. Moy and Myself have both taken a cheeky leave of absence due to our undying commitment to completing our secondary school education. Of course we did this in the understanding that just like Destiny’s Child, our comeback would bring the house down à la Super Bowl XLVII Think of it as a temporary Gwyneth Paltrow-esque ‘conscious uncoupling’ with the blog. Long story short, backstreets back.

I’ve developed a wee little timeline for those of you playing along at home so we can recap everything we’ve missed these past few weeks. PS I used some pretty sick graphics on the old Microsoft Word so do try to contain your excitement.

October-November Flowchart

In other news I’ve finished arguably the biggest adventure of my very mundane life thus far, finishing school forever. Moy and myself for some reason thought it would be a good idea to try and attempt the International Baccalaureate which proved to be an excruciating yet amazing two years. Of course, 15 exams, two years and one platinum album later, the words of Arthur Miller’s Death Of A Salesman finally ring true: “We’re free…we’re free.”

Enjoy this celebratory shot of our album cover:

Two Years A Slave

Onwards and upwards to more great mishaps and surprises,


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