When I Grow Up

Photo by Greg Raines

To be honest at times in my life I’ve been conflicted about what I want when I grow up. As with most young girls i’ve fantasised about growing up and being conflicted between having boobies, having groupies and of course being in movies. The Pussycat Doll struggle is real.

Ever since being a young girl I’ve dreamed of being famous. It began to sink in that this may not be a reality at the age of 15 when it occurred to me that by this stage my idol Delta Goodrem had already had a hit single or won a Nobel Prize in singing or something incredible like that. Still, this didn’t stop me from every evening when I was supposed to be sleeping, tuning my iPod up full volume and miming performances of all the 342 songs i owned (which at the time was a pretty decent iTunes even considering songs cost like $8.27 each and at this stage I was not about to break any laws by *gasp* illegally downloading the goods.

Now clearly I have moved on from this dark time and although I still love me a one woman show ft. my Lady Jam playlist on the old Mac, this is no longer my major dream in life (if you’re curious my current goal is to find love on the worlds most genuine reality tv show, The Bachelor).

However recently I re-stumbled across an amazingingly neglected british reality show: I’d Do Anything.

Essentially it’s like The Bachelor but for people with real talent and follows the melodramatic journeys of 24 young guys and girls as they compete in song each week to win the chance to play lead roles in the hit musical Oliver! on the West End. So perfect. And as if it couldn’t get any better. the show is hosted by none other than my buddy Graham Norton (we’re not actually friends and he probably would cringe at the term buddy as it sounds more like that name of an elf as opposed to nickname I would give to my celeb best-friend) an also judged by John Barrowman (or for those TARDIS-loving Whovians out there, Captain Jack Harkness).  And just to put a cherry on top, Andrew Lloyd Webber helped produce the show. Andrew Lloyd Webber.

So as I’m supposed to be deciding on my actual future I’m sitting at my computer crying at Eponine from Les Mis perform her rendition of Destiny Child’s ‘Survivor.’

Just makes me wonder what would happen if I ever went public with my shower-renditions of popular 80’s dance hits.

I’ll keep you posted on my journey to fame.


P.S Try to hold in your excitement:



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