John Mayer, you are my wonderland

Saying the words ‘John Mayer’ actually make me feel happy. Listening to his music makes me extraordinarily happy. Watching him perform live and having an entire stadium light up with iPhone flashlights during ‘Gravity’ is pretty much perfection in this world. Mr Mayer has been around for yonks, and I’ve always liked his stuff, but it wasn’t until recently that I really, you know, LOVED … Continue reading John Mayer, you are my wonderland

Guilty Pleasures

Photo by Andre Hunter OK, I’ll admit it straight up without beating around the bush – I’ve found two guilty pleasure songs that I’m so ashamed of secretly liking that I’ve actually proclaimed my love for them publicly. Go figure that reverse psychology. T Swizzle’s Shake It Off is potentially the catchiest tune I have ever heard, not to mention she looks BANGIN’ in her music … Continue reading Guilty Pleasures