We Bought A Tent

Photo by Andrew Scofield On the weekend Moy and I bought a tent. This might be a slight exaggeration of the situation but long story short we found ourselves with a six man tent going on the camping adventure of a lifetime (Think Deathly Hallows Part 1 style but with less emotional shit-storming from Hermione) Luckily we both have heaps of previous camping experience and by this … Continue reading We Bought A Tent

A Little Bit of Fit

Photo by Dominic Wycislo On Wednesday I competed for the first year in Cross Country. It was like retracing Frodo’s entire journey to Modor minus the orcs and Orlando Bloom. 3km of agonising torture. It’s safe to say I’m definitely not the fittest in the land. In fact after completing the aforementioned 3km I remember exclaiming to my fellow competitors “Shit that felt good, I … Continue reading A Little Bit of Fit