Cry Me A River

Photo by Tim Bish

I’ve always been an emotional one. When I was ten years old I used to cry at the Australian Cricket Team’s promotional videos because apparently I was just “so overwhelmed with patriotism”. From that day on I’ve always been a weeper.

So here is a list of all the things that make me cry (love a good list):

– inspirational videos on youtube (particularly of the injured athlete/soldier returning home variety)

– going into the pantry for food only to realise that my friend Jordy has eaten the entire packet of nutri-grain when he felt peckish during our monthly screening of Night at the Museum 2

– any movie that was written by nicholas sparks (it still isn’t over, the tears are never over)

-hearing the song amazing grace (esp. if bagpipes are involved) or you raise me up (esp. if bagpipes are not involved)  as I clearly have some unresolved issues from my choir days

– watching fan-made tributes to the harry potter phenomenon. after all this time. always.

-Peter Pan. That movie is distressing. You would be crying too if a hot pre-pubescent Jeremy Sumpter told you he never wanted to grow up and be your husband because he wanted to stay young forever .

-Planes. Either I’m having a panic attack because I’m petrified the noise of the landing gear coming down is actually the sound of the engine spontaneously combusting (even though I’m told they practically land themselves these days) or I’m getting awkwardly emotional that I’m returning home to the tragically boring and ever so slightly trashy suburb that I call home.

– when you realise that somebody (your brother) has been borrowing your Friends dvd’s and watching them and has failed to put each disc back in the correct case (every flipping time I kid you not)


As you can see most of these are not actually reasons to get upset (except for the harry potter one because I don’t think I’ll ever be okay with the fact that my childhood is over. All is most certainly not well).  However I think you’ll agree that sometimes all you need is a good little sob or in my case a massive Kim Kartrashian tantrum to put everything into perspective.

Tears are like a heavy period; its usually best to just let it flow naturally.





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