Photo by William Iven

Now, as school is getting towards the pointy end, studying has become quite full on, but sometimes I feel studying has become synonymous with procrastinating. I’ve recently done a post about procrastination, but hopefully now I’ve become one step further to conquering this beast…..

I’ve deleted Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat.

Yep. I’ll just let that sink in for a bit.

And to be honest, my life is considerably better. I haven’t had a stalk of my insta news feed for about 2 months now, and I feel so refreshed, because lesbihonest here, Instagram is nothing but a shitstorm of selfies, ridiculously toned bodies, not so flattering midriffs, drunk, blurry and edging on inappropriate photos of 13 year olds, and Kendall Jenner’s flawless selfies that make you want to curl up and cry.

Anyway, besides the point. The number of hours I’ve saved in my day from not constantly having my head in my phone, scrolling at other people’s interesting and fun lives is amazing. Like before I deleted Insta, I was obsessed. Everyday I’d wake up and look at what I’ve missed overnight. Then during the day, I’d sometimes look at the clock and realise ‘oh, haven’t checked insta for 4.67 minutes, I must have missed soooooo much!’ Seriously obsessed. But then, once I got rid of it…poof! It was gone. And the longer I’ve gone without it, the more I’ve realised in no way did it significantly increase my standard of living. Similarly, I no longer feel that intense pressure to post a REALLY good and extremely heavily filtered photo/selfie/group photo of the party from the night before.

But, lets hold on for a minute here, I’m not Insta bashing. Like, I’m already looking forward to the day I finish exams, get Instagram back and furiously stalk through most things I’ve missed in the last few months. But, I know that I’m definitely going to use it in moderation, BECAUSE LIFE CAN GO ON AFTER SOCIAL MEDIA IS GONE. If anything, removing these from my life have taught me that other things are more important. Like this blog for example. This has become my way of procrastinating, and I contend that it is 17283837% better than taking Snapchats pretending to be Harry Potter characters.


True story.

So, even if you are still on Faceyb, Insta and Snappy, please try to remember that there is a life to be lived, fun to be had, if only you look up from your phone every once in a while.


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