The Perks of Wearing Pyjamas

Photo by Elizabeth Lies


William Shakespeare once famously said “the pyjamas maketh the man“. I agree so greatly.

There is something rather magical about pyjamas and the thought of spending the day in them brings everlasting happiness. So that’s what Moy and I decided to do. I’m not talking wearing some cute little sexy lingerie that you bought with your Mum at Victoria’s Secret whilst waiting for your plane to Bali. I’m talking about real pyjamas, the long, comfy flannelette kind that Peter Alexander try and sell for $4015.99.  Now obviously wearing pyjamas for an entire day in public brings about its difficulties. For instance, What do I wear on my feet if I don’t want my uggboots getting wet in the rain? (a question asked by closet bogans all over australia). Or if my flannelettes don’t have pockets, what am I supposed to do with my phone and keys?

Nonetheless, our day of pyjama induced antics was successful to say the least. It honestly felt like you were wearing a hug all day. It also reminded me of the time my mates parents went to europe so he and his two brothers turned their entire house into one giant community-esque pillow and blanket fort, complete with a sign and map just incase you got lost. Spending an entire day in a pillow fort is great. Driving to the fish and chip shop in your pjs and explaining to the man cooking the fish and chips that a bunch of grown men had turned their house into a giant pillow fort for a week was less great and probably a bit of an over-share.

So if you have nothing better to do with your life I would definitely encourage you to spend the day in your favourite pair of flannelettes in you every own blanket fort watching re-runs of Community. Guaranteed good times.


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