Expect the unexpectEd!

Photo by Ben White

Today was our final assembly for Term 3, and yours truly (Liz and I) sung a welcome speech about ‘expecting the unexpected’. Words and lyrics were entirely by us, admittedly we borrowed the tune from Adele but I hope she doesn’t mind. It was something out of the ordinary, it was unexpected, and potentially got people a little confused and conflicted. But, songs aside, the topic ‘expect the unexpected’ is quite an important one.

Unless one of you reading this right now is a young Professor Trelawney who can predict the next troll in the dungeon, I hardly think anyone can predict the future. Sure, we can dream, plan and hope about things to come, but we’ll never be able to control it. Who knows what life might hurtle your way? The unexpected is never a bad thing; it could be a change you welcome into your life, or it could be something that seems disastrous in the moment. But, this year in particular, I’ve developed the mantra that ‘everything happens for a reason’, you’ve just got to be optimistic enough to find the light in every darkness. What may seem unexpected and terrible at the time, will hopefully all resolve out, all your dots will eventually be connected.

Taylor Swift was definitely not expecting Ellen DeGeneres to pop out in her bathroom. Similarly, I was not expecting the ghost car on Youtube when my friend showed me the link, as I screamed and banged my knee on your desk from jumping.  All these memories end up being hilarious and fond ones we’ll treasure, which just goes to show how the unexpected can end up being better than you ever expected.

So, allow change. The unexpected may bring upon the best blessing in a surprise.

The unexpected is like a laxative; you might not like it at first, but the relief and eventual happiness it brings is awesome.


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