A Little Bit of Fit

Photo by Dominic Wycislo

On Wednesday I competed for the first year in Cross Country. It was like retracing Frodo’s entire journey to Modor minus the orcs and Orlando Bloom. 3km of agonising torture.

It’s safe to say I’m definitely not the fittest in the land. In fact after completing the aforementioned 3km I remember exclaiming to my fellow competitors “Shit that felt good, I reckon I’m about covered for another six months as far as exercise goes.” Yep, I’m feeling the summer bod coming on as I write.

This year has been a bit up and down as far as ye old fitness goes. I’ve gone through those stages where I’m as motivated as Arianna Grande’s hairdresser before the VMA’s. Now I’m no Kayla Itstines, but shit was I killing it in the gym. Then of course there were times when I was about as lethargic as Honey Boo Boo’s mother after a 15 minute interview on the Oprah Winfrey Show. Tough times.

I will say however this year I became the proud owner of a Fitbit exercise band and whilst I may not be looking like Jennifer Aniston’s stripper character (from that film about the fake family who are drug smugglers) when I hit the beach in the coming few months, my new device has made me so much more aware of how sedentary my lifestyle really was.

A Fitbit is essentially a rubber bracelet that monitors the steps taken, kilometres travelled, calories burned and active minutes within your day. Yes, it’s gimmicky but wow is it magical. It’s crazy how five tiny LED lights can motivate you to get off the couch every day. My Fitbit has really got the better of me these past few months, it’s taking over my life. If I haven’t reached my step goal by the time I’ve had dinner I will literally spend the evening pacing around my bedroom or running on the spot inside which I still claim to be as effective if not more effective than buying a treadmill.

Tomorrow I’ll be strapping on my Fitbit and lacing up my cheap runners for the Relay for Life, a sporting event designed to raise money for cancer research. The idea is that with a team you run for basically 24 hours straight. That’s right, an entire day of non-stop running (or in my case, most likely brisk walking at best). It may not give be enough exercise to give me the chiselled Bachlorette-esque abs I’m hoping for by the end of next week, but it’ll surely be enough to get me motivated to spend less time sitting at my computer looking at videos of babies laughing at paper.

So put on your inspirational yet pretentiously overpriced Lorna Jane sportswear along with your Nike fashion statement runners and 2XU tights. Grab your Voss water direct from the purest springs of Norway in one hand and your twelve-week bikini body guide in the other and have fun being an arrogant Crossfit convert.

Meanwhile I’ll just be here with my Fitbit in one hand and an ice cream scoop in the other preparing myself for 24 hours of light to moderate exercise.

Summer, here I come. #fitspo #fitspiration #nevergiveup #gymlife


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