What Dreams Are Made Of

Last night we had the pleasure and privilege of meeting our childhood hero: Lizzie McGuire. That’s right, we saw Hilary Duff in the flesh. It happened. And yes, she was exactly what dreams are made of.

First thing to note is we only found out we were seeing her about two days before. Through some industry connections (props to Moy) we were able to get front row seats in the audience of the Australian news show The Project. On Wednesday night we read that Hilary would be on the show. We practically grew up worshipping her. We had both dreamed about this day ever since we turned eight and watched her kiss her best friend Gordo in Rome before rocking the tearaway skirt/pants ensemble. It’s safe to say there were tears from both of us.

So long story short, we watched and interview with her and were lucky enough to get the only two photos in the studio with her. We’re best friends.

So here’s the 411 (or 911 as we like to call it, because this insider information will literally stop your heart) on the Woman, the Myth, The Legend Hilary Duff:

  1. Her voice is American. This may seem like obvious but we have since learnt to never underestimate the irritating dialect of a Yankee.
  2. Damn girl she smell so good. I don’t know what perfume she wears but I can tell you it is not her own because we both have that and it is no where near as lovely. In fact it smells like off licorice. She, on the other hand smells like sunshines and fairy floss and nostalgia.
  3. That girl is humble as blueberry pie. It wasn’t until afterwards that it struck me how down to earth she was that I kind of forgot that she was a HUGE celebrity. After her interview, she came into the audience and shook hands with so many people and said hello. It was super lovely.
  4. She’s so pretty close up. Like hellah, I looked straight into those eyes + makeup and she is so so stunning.
  5. Her teeth are damn fine. Right now I’m fully aware I sound like a massive creep, but girl has super nice teeth, ok? Also, even better close up.
  6. Got a chance to hug her, and she gives super cute squishy hugs. The whole moment went as a blur, but as I’m sitting here typing this, I remember how nice of a hugger she was.

So if we were on Lizzie McGuire, last night when we met the real thing, our mini cartoon versions of ourselves would have gone berserk. Like, our cartoons would fully have been jumping out of our sandals, giving the whole wide mouth and buggy eyed look. And sadly, I think that’s what we looked like in real life too. Yay for looking attractive for Hilary Duff!

Take a crazy chance,

-Liz and Moy


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