Get a life

I think the most used excuse I’ve used this year is ‘Oh sorry I didn’t reply to your email/do the work/go out/sleep on time because I’ve been so busy!!!’ School has become hectic this year, and as with a lot of us, school is our number 1 priority. But, this means that other things like sleep, eating properly and exercising have become pushed to the bottom of our list.


Did you know, humans were built to be outdoorsy people?! Believe or not, we were never meant for sedentary office work and staring at a computer screen all day. Our bodies are made to be outdoors, to be walking or exercising and moving around. However, due to this incredibly demanding lifestyle that we all live, we end up having no ‘me’ time at all, and just being work, work, work. We’ve always got an assignment to hand in, or a paper due, or some admin work to fill out, and this constant continuum of non-stop work will ruin us. Seriously, I’m not even going all dramatic teenager on you.

As life becomes increasingly demanding and we become busier and busier, we sacrifice our bodies. And in what sense is that ok? Our bodies are all that we have, being healthy is truly the biggest blessing to have. So, yeah, life sometimes sucks in the sense that we really need to hand in that essay tomorrow, so what do we eliminate? Sleep. And sleep is crucial for us. We’re so infatuated with work and inundated with things to do, that we are sacrificing the things that are most important for us. Too much work and don’t have enough time to go for a run? We don’t go for that run. Things like sleep and exercise are vital to humans, but because it doesn’t fit into our dichotomous thinking, we ditch this in order to get our work done. This insanely fast pace of life sometimes doesn’t even allow for these things. And here, I quote my favourite John Green, ‘everyone moment of your life is lived for the future – you go to high school so you can go to a college so you can get a good job so you can get a nice house so you can afford….’ and the list goes on. We are constantly thinking forward, moving forward, and just trying to break even so we can survive the labyrinth of life.

How can we fix this crisis??

I can’t even answer that question. I for one am definitely guilty for falling into this trap. I can’t even count how many late nights I’ve spent, or how many runs I’ve ditched. I propose to make a schedule and stick to it. Plan what time to go for your run, and when the clock strikes 4pm, just go for it. Plan what time you need to get to bed, and hit the decks on time. Perhaps, by incorporating these into our daily routine, they’ll slowly return back into our lives.

Happy living!


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