An Exercise in People-Watching: An Ikea Story

Photo by Bench Accounting

My love affair with the furniture emporium that is Ikea began many years ago.I can’t really describe the attraction. Something about seeing that bright blue building just gets my heart pumping. I’ve always been a fan of furniture and I love me a good bedroom redecoration. But Ikea is no ordinary store; its got everything. From its dining room table named after what appears to be the Swedish love child of Abba to those absolutely luscious meatballs they serve at the restaurant; i just can’t get enough. Not to mention those incredibly small pencils that look like they’ve been handcrafted by the entire cast of snow white and the seven dwarves.  Or those paper measuring tapes that I used to use to see if my non-existent breasts had decided to have a spontaneous growth spurt.

But the best part apart the store is by far the opportunities to people-watch. Its rather become my mum and my favourite past time. Some days we just drive out to Ikea, sit ourselves down with a nice vegetarian breakfast and watch.

You get all sorts at Ikea, the good, the bad and of course the swedish.

I can honestly say i dont think I’ve ever seen so many pregnant people in one place. or screaming children. or foreigners. It’s like this incredible melting pot of culture.

Yeah Ikea is well worth the trip.

Not to mention their incredible advertising. Crap it is en pointe. Any furniture store that takes on Apple is a friend to me. Seriously Ikea. Stop being so great.

You may think that I’m way too excited about a furniture store. To which I would quote the boy who stole my heart for at least two weeks of my final year of high school:

“Don’t judge me okay, I’m just really, really  into interior decorating”

Until next time, or as the workers at Ikea would say “Poäng, Malm, Ektorp, Karlstad”



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