Our Mate Tony

Photo by Kane Reinholdsten

Our Prime Minister Mr. Tony Abbott really is one of a kind. I’ll admit I admire his confidence. Not many people can pull off ears that size. It must be hard, being in such a top position as there’s always going to be criticism. I think that it’s high time we  show our PM a bit of love and celebrate his many, many achievements. So I’ve written him a poem.

Tony, this one’s for you:


Right from the start, you were my vote one.

There’s no one I’d rather have replace Mr. Rudd.

Since September 13′, you’ve had all the votes,

Despite your lack of money, from buying all the boats.

Even though you’re a misogynist, you’re a family guy,

who teaches same-sex marriage is sin and climate change is lie.

And It doesn’t bother me that Uni will cost a fortune, 

Because I’m saving my money by not having an abortion.

I can excuse almost all of your racially insensitive actions,

because just like soldier’s deaths, lets face it: shit happens.

I dismissed voting greens as the Liberals have a better deal

After all I’ve always wanted a leader with a bit of sex appeal.

You’re the suppository of wisdom, your support is off the charts,

And in your red budgie-smugglers, Tony,

You’ve smuggled my heart.

Thanks for everything Tones,


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