Guilty Pleasures

Photo by Andre Hunter

OK, I’ll admit it straight up without beating around the bush – I’ve found two guilty pleasure songs that I’m so ashamed of secretly liking that I’ve actually proclaimed my love for them publicly. Go figure that reverse psychology.

T Swizzle’s Shake It Off is potentially the catchiest tune I have ever heard, not to mention she looks BANGIN’ in her music video. And yeah, I’ll be the first to admit the lyrics are a little cringe-worthy and the whole idea of the song is silly, but YA CAN’T HELP BUT SHAKE YOUR LIL’ TOOSHIE TO THIS SONG. It’s also a nice little change from her usual break up tunes that I’ve never really bothered to listen to (soz taylz). Also, I’m not digressing into the conflict surrounding her music video. But I think what gets me about this song, is that it’s FUN and head boppin’ worthy, just brush everything off and let the haterz hate.

OK, so this brings me to my next song; G. R. L.’s Ugly Heart.
It’s sassy, fiery, and totes danceable. Ticks all my boxes! Plus, it taps into that whole idea of yeah, your face can be a ‘work of art’ but that doesn’t mean anything when you have an ‘ugly heart’. So yeah, it’s a pretty misandrogynistic (aka man bashing, ps how’s that for a word?!) song but I’m sure we’ve all met hot boys with a personality worse than a constipated walrus. So go girls, blast that song – especially that whambam chorus!!

Trust me, these songs are so far from what I usually listen to (Sam Smith, John Mayer, Ed Sharpe, The Lumineers) so it takes a lot for me to admit to loving these, but I literally can’t help but have a cheeky giggle and mini party where I do weird condensed fist pumps every time these songs come on my shuffle.

Peace out.


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